Play, Learn, and Teach Outdoors—Network (PLaTO-Net): terminology, taxonomy, and ontology

Lee, Eun-Young, de Lannoy, Louise, Li, Lucy, de Barros, Maria Isabel Amando, Bentsen, Peter, Brussoni, Mariana, Fiskum, Tove Anita, Guerrero, Michelle, Hallås, Bjørg Oddrun, Ho, Susanna, Jordan, Catherine, Leather, Mark, Mannion, Greg, Moore, Sarah A., Sandseter, Ellen Beate Hansen, Spencer, Nancy L. I., Waite, Susan, Wang, Po-Yu, Tremblay, Mark S., Adams, Mary Louise, Alden, Christine, Aubert, Salomé, Beaudry, Marie-Claude, Berrigan, Félix, Champkins, Alan, Cordovil, Rita, McKinnon-Côté, Émilie, Daigle, Patrick, Demchenko, Iryna, Ellinger, Jan, Faulkner, Guy, Halsall, Tanya, Harvey, David, Hunter, Stephen, Irvine, Richard, Jones, Rachel, Johnstone, Avril, Kjellsson, Anders Wånge, Lacoste, Yannick, Larimore, Rachel A., Larouche, Richard, Lopes, Frederico, Lynch, Helen, Mall, Christoph, Manyanga, Taru, Martin, Anne, Molenaar, Gail, Morrison, Shawnda A., Mota, Jorge, Nikiforidou, Zoi, Parrington, Alexandra, Parsons, Katie, Point, Mathieu, Pyper, Shelagh, Ritchie, Stephen D., van Rooijen, Martin, Scoon, Vanessa, Standage, Martyn, Stone, Michelle, Truong, Son, Uddin, Riaz, Silva, Diego Augusto Santos, Vanderloo, Leigh M., Welensky, Rosemary, Wentzell, Erin, Winje, Øystein, Zeni, Megan and Zorica, Milos (2022) Play, Learn, and Teach Outdoors—Network (PLaTO-Net): terminology, taxonomy, and ontology. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 19 (1). ISSN 1479-5868

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Background: A recent dialogue in the feld of play, learn, and teach outdoors (referred to as “PLaTO” hereafter) demonstrated the need for developing harmonized and consensus-based terminology, taxonomy, and ontology for PLaTO. This is important as the feld evolves and diversifes in its approaches, contents, and contexts over time and in diferent countries, cultures, and settings. Within this paper, we report the systematic and iterative processes under‑taken to achieve this objective, which has built on the creation of the global PLaTO-Network (PLaTO-Net). Methods: This project comprised of four major methodological phases. First, a systematic scoping review was conducted to identify common terms and defnitions used pertaining to PLaTO. Second, based on the results of the scoping review, a draft set of key terms, taxonomy, and ontology were developed, and shared with PLaTO members, who provided feedback via four rounds of consultation. Third, PLaTO terminology, taxonomy, and ontology were then fnalized based on the feedback received from 50 international PLaTO member participants who responded to≥3 rounds of the consultation survey and dialogue. Finally, eforts to share and disseminate project outcomes were made through diferent online platforms. Results: This paper presents the fnal defnitions and taxonomy of 31 PLaTO terms along with the PLaTO-Net ontol‑ogy model. The model incorporates other relevant concepts in recognition that all the aspects of the model are interrelated and interconnected. The fnal terminology, taxonomy, and ontology are intended to be applicable to, and relevant for, all people encompassing various identities (e.g., age, gender, culture, ethnicity, ability). Conclusions: This project contributes to advancing PLaTO-based research and facilitating intersectoral and inter‑disciplinary collaboration, with the long-term goal of fostering and strengthening PLaTO’s synergistic linkages with healthy living, environmental stewardship, climate action, and planetary health agendas. Notably, PLaTO terminology, taxonomy and ontology will continue to evolve, and PLaTO-Net is committed to advancing and periodically updating harmonized knowledge and understanding in the vast and interrelated areas of PLaTO.

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