Are We Included?’ A validation of the students’ Inclusion Climate Scale (ICS)

Achtaridou, Elpida, Jason, Lamprianou, Blandford, Sonia, Gibson, Suanne, Shute, Jen, Munn, George and Sharma, Umesh (2023) Are We Included?’ A validation of the students’ Inclusion Climate Scale (ICS). [Report] (Submitted)

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In March 2022 Plymouth City Council commissioned Plymouth Marjon University and the University of Plymouth to conduct research on three assessment instruments measuring inclusion from the perspectives of students, parents and teachers. The research projects were part of Plymouth Place-based School Improvement project. At the time the project focused on three strategic priorities: school leadership, curriculum and inclusion. To deliver on its priorities a number of key stakeholders were brought together, including the Education Endowment Fund (EEF), Plymouth Local Authority, the Regional Schools’ Commissioner, Headteachers, MAT CEOs and their leadership teams who chosen to take a collaborative and sustainable approach to ensure rapid school improvement. The research aimed to support Plymouth’s strategic priority of inclusion and took place between May and August 2022. The concept of 'inclusion education' has been debated in Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries since an early UNESCO (1994) report. Since then, the debate has been enriched with a multitude of ideas, mainly championing the initiatives of comprehensive learning environments where all children would be included in the learning but also social life. Highly cited research, however, such as Avramidis and Norwich (2002) has maintained that any inclusive policy - no matter how well-designed or funded it is, depends heavily on the attitudes of teachers to be successful. Various factors have also been identified as affecting teachers' attitudes towards inclusion education, such as teachers' experience, school ethos etc.

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