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Eger, Katrien, Paroczai, Dora, Bacon, Alison, Schleich, Florence, Sergejeva, Svetlana, Bourdin, Arnaud, Vachier, Isabelle, Zervas, Eleftherios, Katsoulis, Konstantinos, Papapetrou, Dimosthenis, Kostikas, Konstantinos, Csoma, Zsuzsanna, Heffler, Henrico, Canonica, Goergio Watler, Grisle, Ineta, Bieksiene, Kristina, Palacionyte, Jolita, ten Brinke, Anneke, Hashimoto, Simone, Smeenk, Frank WJM, Braunstahl, Gert-Jan, van der Sar, Simone, Mihălţan, Florin, Nenasheva, Natalia, Peredelskaya, Marina, Zvezdin, Biljana, Čekerevac, Ivan, Hromiš, Sanja, Ćupurdija, Vojislav, Lazic, Zorica, Milenkovic, Branislava, Dimic-Janjic, Sanja, Yasinska, Valentyna, Dahlén, Barbro, Bossios, Apostolos, Lazarinis, Nikolaos, Aronsson, David, Egesten, Arne, Munir, Abul Kashem Mohammad, Ahlbeck, Lars, Janson, Christer, Škrgat, Sabina, Edelbaher, Natalija, Leuppi, Joerg, Jaun, Fabienne, Rüdiger, Jochen, Pavlov, Nikolay, Gianella, Pietro, Fischer, Reta, Charbonnier, Florian, Chaudhuri, Rekha, Smith, Steven James, Doe, Simon, Fawdon, Michelle, Masoli, Matthew, Heaney, Liam, Haitchi, Hans Michael, Kurukulaaratchy, Ramesh, Fulton, Olivia, Frankemölle, Betty, Gibson, Toni, Needham, Karen, Howarth, Peter, Djukanovic, Ratko, Bel, Elisabeth and Hyland, Michael E. (2022) The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on severe asthma care in Europe - will care change for good? ERJ Open Research, 8 (2). ISSN 2312-0541

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Book Section

McDonald, Vanessa M., Kennington, Erika and Hyland, Michael E. (2019) Understanding the experience of people living with severe asthma. In: Severe Asthma. ERS Monograph . European Respiratory Society, pp. 16-29. ISBN 978-1-84984-104-7

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Hyland, Michael E. (2020) Why the context matters. [Video]

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